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At Helios - we want to connect and share with the gifted community.  We welcome you and invite you to make meaningful connections - personal and intellectual. This page contains our latest Helios Connections magazine, community events, and webinars.

Helios Connections Magazine Fall/Winter 2023

Helios Connections Magazine Spring/Summer 2022

Past Event: Early Childhood Gifted Education

This Webinar will focus on early childhood gifted education - where it all starts. Join us to explore the definition of giftedness, to tackle common myths and misconceptions, to learn how to identify the early signs, to get clarity on how to support gifted learners, and to find out how Helios puts all these into practice everyday.

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Past Event: The Helios Secret Sauce

At Helios, we are focused on growing unique children into unique young adults. Come learn about how elements such as choice, mastery-based teaching, and collaborative projects allow students to grow into self-directed learners and engaged citizens of the world.

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Past Event: The Joy Of Experiential Learning

Experiential learning places the student in the center of their own learning experience. Students are challenged, guided and inspired by teachers to ask meaningful questions, pursue insights and knowledge by doing. 

We know that gifted students require voice and agency in their own education. We also know that academic knowledge and intellectual talent are far more meaningful when coupled with a commitment to kindness and social justice. This value is interwoven into our program and curriculum to encourage students to use their learning to enrich the lives of both their own families and the larger community. Join us to learn more about this fun and engaging approach to teaching and learning just about anything!

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Past Event: The Intersection of Giftedness and SEL 

Gifted learners have advanced cognitive abilities but not necessarily in every area. A student may excel at math but struggle with writing or vice versa. Equally important is that they may be unusually sensitive, passionate, and emotionally intense. They have a heightened sense of awareness and a strong intellectual drive.

Perhaps, most notably, gifted children experience “asynchrony”—uneven academic, emotional and physical development. Because asynchrony is so prominent in gifted children, some professionals believe asynchronous development is the defining characteristic of giftedness. In this webinar, Dr. Jensen will share how SEL competencies help both parents and educators bridge the gap.

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