Electives and Explorations

Electives and Explorations at Helios empower our students to have a say in their education. 

Offered as part of the school day, these classes allow students to explore new interests, express their creativity and refine their skills.

Electives are offered once per week for our 3-8 students and provide yet another opportunity for students to own their learning. The offerings change year after year depending on students' interests. Some electives offered in the past are Literary Magazine, Running, Gardening, Keyboarding, Knitting, and Choir. There is sure to be an elective that will excite your child. 

Explorations are offered 3 days per week for K-8 students. Offerings include Spanish, Art, Music, Theater, Mindful Movement, Coding, Digital Photography and Debate. 

"I felt happy and free when creating my artwork - it also made me feel calmer. It lets my sense of wonder shine."

-Addy A., Helios student

"Spanish is fun because you get to do activities and art projects that are exciting"

- Helios 3rd Grade student