Environmental Engagement

Opportunities to connect with nature are woven throughout our curriculum and through students’ daily experiences on our campus and beyond.

In keeping with our Guiding Principles, we help children learn to care for and respect nature through our robust and established Environmental Engagement Program which includes Camping, Fieldwork, and Gardening. 

Starting in Kindergarten, our smallest students camp overnight on campus in their Spring semester.  The trips get gradually longer and farther with locations like New Brighton Beach and Manresa State Beach. We focus on creating a safe atmosphere so students can expand their comfort zones and feel empowered to try new things.

Over the years we’ve seen multiple, complementary benefits.

  • Children overcome anxieties as they spend more time outdoors and become comfortable in nature. 
  • Children develop a greater sense of confidence and self-reliance.
  • Students gain a better understanding of and appreciation for the environment.
  • Teachers learn even more about their students’ personalities and behaviors.
  • Students and teachers grow closer as a class and community due to their shared experiences and reliance upon one another.

child cooking

"It makes you think of doing things you would never think of doing!"

- Maya, Helios student