Imagine Lab

A highlight for many of our students is Imagine Lab, our dedicated maker space.

Students work with industrial odds and ends, fabrics, wood, yarn, wire, paper and more, using real tools such as hammers and saws, to construct any project they can dream up. Over time, and with increasing skills, students have hands-on experiences with power tools, our 3-D printer, sewing machines and laser cutter.  

Why is Imagine Lab so compelling for gifted children? It provides an outlet for visual-spatial thinking, which is often a learning strength in gifted students. Its unstructured, open-ended nature creates a “flow experience” that helps students generate even more ideas. Children make discoveries, problem-solve, collaborate and feel the sheer joy of creating. 

"The I-Lab is totally awesome! You get to build stuff that you don't normally get to - even big stuff!"

-Luka, Helios student

"It makes you think of doing things you would never think of doing!"

- Maya, Helios student

Girl making a creation